Marina Bay Towers

Project Description

Marina Bay Towers, a high-rise affordable senior living complex was designed and built to withstand heavy winds due to its coastal location. With retail space and a parking garage on the ground level, the seven story building also housed common areas including medical rooms, an exercise room, a crafts room, a computer room, a sixth floor outdoor terrace and a large multipurpose community space on the first floor for resident use.

The 135,504 square foot building was constructed as 363 separate modular units in Deluxe’s offsite construction facility. They were shipped to the building site via truck, and assembled on-site using a crane.

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Project Details
  • Location Wildwood, NJ
  • Square Feet 135,504
  • Living Units 143
  • Architect/CM Consult Urban Renewal Dev. Corp.
  • Year Completed 1999

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