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Complete your large-scale commercial building project on time and on budget with Deluxe Modular.

Your building needs are complex. The Deluxe Modular process is simple.

We provide fully-integrated systems for designing, fabricating, and assembling steel-framed, volumetric modular units to deliver a superior building to suit any industry.

Learn more about how modular construction is revolutionizing the way we build our world.


Why Modular?

DCC: Conklin Hall
DCC: Conklin Hall
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4857 Broadway, Manhattan: "The Stack"

Your complete commercial building solution.

Deluxe Modular handles every step of the process – from start to finish.

  • Designing your building
  • Preparing and obtaining permits and construction drawings
  • Building your modules in our state-of-the-art facility
  • Obtaining all inspections and certificates
  • Delivering your finished building

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Modular construction reduces waste and pollution to minimize the impact of the process on the environment.

Traditional construction methods result in commercial buildings with shorter lifespans and a larger environmental footprint. Extended onsite construction phases increase the risks associated with air, water and noise pollution.

Offsite, steel construction in our contained, indoor facility reduces these risks and utilizes more recycled material than other methods.

Air Quality

Air Quality

Steel is nontoxic because it will not contaminate indoor air quality.

Recycled Content

Recycled Content

Steel contains a large recycled component, and it can be fully recycled at the end of its useful life.



Building with Steel earns additional points for projects striving for LEED™ certification.

Less Material Waste

Steel-framed construction produces less scrap and waste than comparable wood-framed projects.


Waste in Steel-Framed Construction


Waste in Wood-Framed Construction

Modular is Green

The environmental benefits of steel-built modular construction extend beyond the completion of the project.

  • Steel does not burn
  • Steel does not rot
  • Steel does not pollute with off-gas

Our products and construction techniques are in compliance with the National Green Building Standard, establishing Deluxe’s steel, noncombustible modular construction process as the “greener” way to build.

Let’s Build the Future

Deluxe Modular is revolutionizing the way we build our world. Let us show you how we can make your commercial construction project quicker, cheaper, stronger and greener.