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The Differences Between Prefab and Modular Construction

February 21, 2019
Prefabrication is a broad category of construction, which seeks to maximize efficiencies in construction by moving portions of the process off-site. Modularization is the most efficient class of prefabrication, manufacturing entire building units inside a facility.

How Modular Building Can Ease the U.S. Construction Crisis

February 15, 2019
While productivity has been on the rise in virtually all industries, it continues to fall in construction. This loss of productivity is due largely to a shrinking workforce and an acceptance of waste – two issues mitigated by the Deluxe modular process.

Building the Future by Looking to the Masters of the Past

February 02, 2019
Master Builders of the past managed every step of the pre-construction and construction processes to create beautiful and lasting building projects. Deluxe Modular has taken inspiration from this forgotten tradition to create our streamlined, modular process.