Riverhead Charter School

Project Description

Major construction on schools must be completed in the summer when class is not in session. Otherwise, construction would create a highly distracting and potentially dangerous environment, poorly suited for learning. Understanding the importance of these time constraints, the Riverhead Charter School knew it needed to rethink construction if necessary additions to the facility were to be completed before the school year began.

That's why they chose Deluxe Modular.

With Deluxe's innovative modular construction process fabricating modular units along our half-mile of production lines, meeting this strict schedule was no challenge at all. By the end of the summer, Deluxe was able to install more than 40,000 sq. ft. of classroom, gymnasium, art, music, science and library spaces before students arrived.

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Project Details
  • Location Calverton, NY
  • Square Feet 40,219
  • Living Units 94
  • Year Completed 2014

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