Hampton Inn and Suites

Hampton Inn and Suites

Project Description

After the successful construction of a Hampton Inn and Suites in Long Island, New York, Long Island Hotels LLC, contracted with Deluxe to build a second six story Hampton Inn and Suites in Harrison NJ, a community near Newark, NJ.

“We were looking for an application that would accelerate the construction cycle and enhance quality control,” said John C. Tsunis, Long Island Hotels president and CEO.

“The modular units are built indoors at a factory in Pennsylvania in a controlled environment we thought would make for better workmanship.”

Deluxe built the units over several months. Each unit consists of two hotel rooms and a corridor. After assembly, Deluxe transported the modular units via truck to the construction site. Upon arrival, a crane hoisted each unit into place.

The hotel was constructed in a remarkable eight week period. “We probably saved three or four months of construction time on the site,” Tunis said. This time savings translated into three to four months of additional revenue for the Hampton Inn.

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Project Details
  • Location Harrison, NJ
  • Square Feet 86,619
  • Living Units 166
  • Year Completed 2004

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