Fort Hamilton Garden View Apartments

Project Description

Deluxe Modular contracted with Balfour Beatty Communities and its parent company Balfour Beatty Construction to manufacture, deliver and finish a massive housing project at the Fort Hamilton Military Base in Brooklyn, NY.

The project consisted of 13 apartment buildings with 12 three and four bedroom apartments each for a total of 156 units and 230,325 square feet. The projects also included 35 townhouses with a total of 78,850 square feet.

Because it was impossible to errect roof trusses due to the configuration of the modular boxes, Deluxe manufactured customized roof boxes for each of the apartment buildings. Custom breezeways were also built down the center of each apartment building.

Deluxe provided Turnkey services for the project, completing it from the foundation up. This project was Deluxe’s first military housing project with Balfour Beatty Communities.

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Project Details
  • Location Brooklyn, NY
  • Square Feet 230,325
  • Living Units 185
  • Architect/CM JMB
  • Year Completed 2006

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