Cottage Place Berkeley College

Cottage Place Berkeley College

Project Description

Faced with growing enrollment and inadequate facilities, Riverhead Charter School desperately needed to expand their facility to better serve the community. As the school did not have a cafeteria, an auditorium or a gymnasium, a new facility was in order to accommodate those needs as well as an additional 18 classrooms, library, music, art and science rooms.

As is typically the case with educational facilities construction, speed of construction is of the essence. Hoping to have the new facility completed in time for occupancy for the 2014-15 school year the Charter School chose Deluxe Modular of Berwick Pennsylvania to expedite the construction process. Having two quarter mile long production lines, its own concrete batch facility and CNC steel cutting facility, Deluxe Modular was able to deliver and set the modular portion of the new facility right on time for the proposed construction schedule.

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Project Details
  • Location White Plains, NY
  • Square Feet 33,144
  • Living Units 28
  • Year Completed 2014

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