4857 Broadway – “The Stack”

Project Description

Deluxe worked in tandem with GLUCK+ and Jeffrey M. Brown Associates to build this seven story upscale apartment structure in the northern Manhattan neighborhood of Inwood.

The developers Jeffrey Brown and Kim Frank chose to have this project built as a modular building knowing that their goal was to complete the project faster and with a higher level of quality control than they were used to with the typical construction process in an urban environment. Watch the construction via our Video Center

Though the project was not very large and typically smaller than the project Deluxe is focused on today, it proved to be an eye opener with the recent hype of modular construction in New York City, where you are sure to see more activity. The modern day developer wants to get their project completed faster and with fewer headaches. Deluxe can provide that with their assembly line manufacturing operation located in Berwick Pennsylvania.

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Project Details
  • Location New York, NY
  • Square Feet 30,000
  • Living Units 28
  • Architect/CM GLUCK+
  • Year Completed 2013

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