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August 12, 2019

How Deluxe Modular Brings Transparency to Construction

Deluxe Modular demystifies construction by clarifying roles and responsibilities, and increasing transparency about costs, scope of work and timelines.


The global consulting firm McKinsey once referred to the construction industry as “challenging and opaque.” When one considers how traditional, on-site construction is performed, it’s no wonder why owners and developers so often feel as though what’s really happening with their building is a mystery. Overcomplicated relationships with contractors, dishonest pricing and the unpredictability of weather conditions all cloud an owner’s ability to see the path of their large-scale commercial building projects.  

Below are some of the major reasons why traditional construction maintains this reputation and how modular construction with Deluxe Modular is changing that.

Unclear Division of Responsibility 

In traditional construction, it’s common to have a number of different contractors responsible for various aspects of the build. One of the leading challenges associated with coordinating so many parties, each with their own teams, is that some tasks have a way of falling through the cracks as they’re delegated out. 

When this happens, these contractors tend to deflect blame on others to protect their own interests, leaving the owner to sort out the confusion, and in some cases, pay the price of the mistake. 

Modular construction, on the other hand, reduces the mystery surrounding responsibilities by clearly defining the roles of each party. In fact, full-service modular construction firms, such as Deluxe Modular, can even serve as the only contractor a developer needs, and take care of every step of the process. If a client prefers to involve additional contractors, we outline exactly who is responsible for what in our comprehensive Scope of Work document. 

Download Our Modular Design & Construction Scope of Work

Changing Costs

Another uncertainty of traditional construction is the final cost. A contractor may bid a price for the project, but this is rarely what the owner ends up paying. Change orders throughout the construction process often inflate the overall cost as a result of adjustments made to the design, materials, or other elements after work has begun. 

Even worse is that more corrupt contractors will deliberately bid lower prices for a project to secure the contract, with the intention of charging more in the end through change orders.

The prefabricated nature of modular construction requires that all design decisions must be made before construction begins and cannot be altered later on, making change orders exceedingly rare. In fact, Deluxe Modular’s design and planning process is so comprehensive, our customers enjoy an unmatched confidence that the price they agree to will be the price we honor. 

Unpredictable Timelines

A third detail that often remains a common enigma in traditional construction is the timeline. That’s because this is dependent upon a number of factors difficult to control in on-site construction, such as the weather and the availability of labor.

If weather conditions don’t allow crews to safely build the structure, work is slowed. Similarly, if there is a shortage of skilled construction labor, timelines must be extended to compensate. 

With modular construction by Deluxe Modular, most of the building process takes place in our expansive, indoor facility. This means that rain or shine the construction of your modular units will go on, and since our processes enable us to hire abundant factory labor, your project will never be affected by a lack of on-site labor. 

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