Healthcare Building Solutions for Better Outcomes

Using technology and offsite construction to transform healthcare facilities into strategic assets that help to improve business performance and drive growth.
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Intelligent Design. Precision Construction.

Through the use of integrated technology and offsite construction, Deluxe's building solutions provide the flexibility to meet both today’s acute care needs and tomorrow’s chronic care demands. Designed through a collaborative effort of Deluxe architects, engineers and BIM modelers, certified industry experts, Deluxe’s healthcare building solutions incorporate the technology and infrastructure that enhance efficiency, meet leading hospital-recognized standards, streamline maintenance and maximize the delivery of patient care.

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Innovative Features for Better Buildings


Reduced Schedule and Cost Across the Building Life Cycle

Deluxe healthcare buildings are designed using a single 7D BIM that incorporates design, scheduling, cost, and project lifecycle information, as well as and the machine language code that instructs the automation in our offsite manufacturing process. This streamlines the entire development and manufacturing processes and eliminates much of the uncertainty, risk, delays and change orders associated with traditional construction.


Cutting Edge Technology

A smart healthcare facility actively contributes to its organization’s bottom line. Deluxe buildings help save precious time by assisting in doctor-patient interactions, minimizing maintenance, and bringing automation to facilities management. They incorporate the cutting edge in healthcare IoT ‘out of the box,’ with support for telemedicine, virtual digital twin scheduling, just in time cleanup and setup, and preventative maintenance.

Flexible Configurations

Scalability and Flexibility

Deluxe’s healthcare facilities are designed and built as modules that can be stacked vertically or horizontally in any direction, making them ideal for situations where there is a critical need for capacity, but a limited number of options in how to establish or expand a healthcare facility. This also provides healthcare operators with the option to start small and expand their facilities with time as the need for capacity increases.


Safer, Less Disruptive and Environmentally Responsible

Completing the majority of construction in an offsite manufacturing facility minimizes disruption to current operations and changes duration of onsite construction to one that is measured in days instead of years. This creates a safer environment for patients, their families, providers and onsite construction workers, and delivers the additional benefits of minimizing construction waste and reducing negative impact on the environment.

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Comprehensive Clinical Solution to Meet Diverse Needs

  • Patient and critical care modules with flexible configurations
  • Modular medical expandable gas headwalls
  • Pre-engineered or custom designed units
  • Temporary or permanent structures
  • Adaptable for different uses as needs change

Areas of Expertise

Ambulatory Surgical Centers
Urgent Care Facilities
Medical Office Buildings
Imaging and Radiology Centers
Specialty Care Facilities
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To meet the evolving needs of healthcare providers, Deluxe has partnered with Central Consulting and Contracting to create Modular MD, a joint venture focused on bringing technology-forward responsible modular construction to healthcare development. The partnership is poised to meet the needs of the rapid changes and increased demand for multifaceted expertise and solutions within this highly specialized healthcare sector. 

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