Business Development

Deluxe Modular is seeking highly successful sales people who have a proven track record of being tops in their organization by selling land, design services and/or  construction services to mid-level real estate developers – those that focus on new-ground-up projects of 30,000 – 250,000 sq. ft.

The successful candidate will have established business relationship with decision makers at successful real estate development firms because they have sold them land for development, design services for ground-up projects, and/or construction services for ground-up projects.  If you have a proven ability to do that, and understand the pain points that developers face in designing and building ground-up buildings, and would love to be able to sell them design-build construction services that can cut the pre-construction process to 60 days, cut construction time in half, and save your clients hundreds of dollars per sq. ft. – then we want you – and you should want us!

We are one of the Country's largest Design-Build construction companies at the forefront of Intelligent  modular construction, incorporating technology and BIM into everything we do. We build LARGE commercial buildings up to 35 stories and have a 50 year legacy delivering the biggest and best commercial off-site built buildings made in America.  

Our “No-Nonsense Program for Serious Developers” is truly revolutionary.  We de-risk construction by  fully designing their building to include everything they want, designed to meet their budget on a lump-sum basis against a guaranteed schedule -  and we do all that before they need to commit, or risk any money! 

We are looking for great sales executives who have had it with the inefficiencies and delays in traditional pre-construction and construction, and want to be able to shorten the sales process to 60 – 90 days, and provide their clients with a risk-free way to sell Design Build Construction services at a guaranteed price and schedule..

If you know how to sell to developers, we can give you a product that will exceed all of your clients’ expectations, designed to relieve many of their pain points -- and will make you a superstar!

  1. Because we have 120 architects, engineers and BIM Modelers, we commit to fully design a complete set of drawings in 30 days, including all Architectural, structural and MEP drawings, in a Revit BIM Model;
  2. We use Industrialized construction to manufacture our Modular Units in our Pennsylvania factories, where we can build  2,000,000 + sq. ft. per year, in half the time of conventional construction, and can save our clients 20% compared to Conventional Construction;
  3. We are a turn-key contractor, and can handle all aspects of on-site and off-site construction anywhere in the U.S.

Since 1965 we have been challenging the conventional wisdom that there is only one way to build a building. We are constantly re-examining each component of the construction process re-imagining new, better, more efficient ways to build. We are combining, engineering, technology, design, material science, procurement, production and construction into an integrated process to remove friction, create efficiencies, and deliver beautiful, sustainable projects on-time and within budget.  

The successful candidates will be responsible for introducing our unique No-Nonsense Design-Build  process to private real estate developers who are looking for new, efficient ways to get their projects designed and constructed in record time, without the frustrations and inefficiency of traditional on-site construction.  

The successful candidate will possess a strong knowledge of the pre-construction and construction process, the ability to compare and contrast our process to the traditional process, and explain the numerous benefits; and will be able to collaborate at all levels of the firm, including with executive management, marketing and business development activities, spearheading a strategic approach to targeted markets, with definitive action plans, including identification of target clients, new opportunities, and relevant development projects. The ability to drive the business development process with top decision makers at serious real estate development firms. 

If you are a creative, innovative self-starter and want to work with a team of highly talented, dedicated professionals who are committed to changing the way America builds buildings, we invite you to apply.

  • Competitive base against generous commissions 
  • Benefits including: 
  • Medical
  • 401k  100% Match to $6,000.00
  • Positive Work/Life Balance
  • Opportunity for Advancement
  • Additional, comprehensive benefits packages

Education and Qualifications

  1. Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, Architecture, Construction Management or Business Management
  2. Min. 10 year’s business development experience selling commercial land, architectural, engineering and construction services to private real estate development firms 
  3. Self-motivated with an entrepreneurial spirit, committed to successful outcomes
  4. Demonstrated ability to develop strong rapport with clients (both internal and external) while maintaining exceptional working relationships
  5. Possess understanding of the development players in their respective markets
  6. Possess professional network and contacts
  7. Strong written, interpersonal and presentation skills.
  8. Must be flexible in an ever-changing business environment

If you want to join a team of superstars on a mission to change the world – and if you know that you have what it takes to get the job done – then we welcome you to apply with your resume and a letter explaining why you are the perfect candidate for this exciting job.


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